"Giving young people the skills to make a difference"

Is Citizenship Education itself promoting an idea of "Us" and "Them"? Audrey Osler from Buskerud and Vestfold University College in Norway raises this question and claims: We need Citizenship Education that gives people the skills to make the difference. And to understand the crisis we are facing.


Panel 2: Where now for Europe? Identity discourses and politics in times of crises.

The second panel focused on the topic “Identity discourses and politics in times of crises” with the following three speakers: Kenan Malik, Writer, Lecturer and Broadcaster (UK), Loukas Tsoukalis, Hellenic Foundation for European and Foreign Policy (Greece), Ulrike Guérot, The European Democracy Lab, European School of Governance (Germany).

Challenging Historical Narratives

"History education can be a tool – but it can also be used as a weapon" - this farsighted quotation by Mire Mladenovski would serve as a valuable thesis on the development of othering processes in general. At the same time, it is a crucial finding that emphasizes the value of the work of EUROCLIO, hosts of today's Workshop session 1.3. "Challenging Historical Narratives".

"Show us what you do, don't tell us what to do."

Egypt is a country in tremendous transition. Citizenship Education can play a weighty role in this process. Noha El Mikawy, from the Ford Foundation in Cairo, wants to hear about the European problems and mistakes – in order to develop viable strategies for Egypt.

Panel 1: Russia, Ukraine and 'the West': Rethinking our mental cartography?

Since the Russian-Ukrainian-conflict we have witnessed a half-forgotten antagonism in Europe: "The West" vs. Russia is becoming a more and more common perception in European societies. So in Panel 1 the necessity to rethink our mental cartography of the alleged irreconcilable Russia, Ukraine and "The West" was obvious.

It's US who are hard to reach!

As part of the NECE Focus-Group "Hard-to-reach learners", Michalis Kakos from Leeds Beckett University discussed in his workshop theoretical reflections of othering and the identity construction of young Europeans. Democracy needs inclusion and inclusion needs a Citizenship Education that reaches all citizens, he claims in our interview.


Confusion / Diffusion: A cultural performance

Don't forget: Besides all the food for thought, there will be some cultural input tonight. At 8pm the Greek composer and musician Floros Floridis will give an audio-visual performance in co-operation with filmdirector Jeanine Meerapfel at the Olympion Theatre.

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"The process of finding definitions is much more interesting than definitions themselves"

Steven Stegers from the University of Leiden about the Focus Group CLEAR and on why discussing the definition of concepts can be much more fruitful than declaring them. 

Panel 3: The ‘West’ and the 'Islamic World’

Panel 3 put the focus on four people and their individual take on the panel's topic from the perspective of their native country.