Exploring Thessaloniki

It will be a couple of busy days at this year's NECE conference to be sure. In order for you to have enough time to dive in to the workshops, lectures, panels without having to worry about getting your cultural programme sorted, we've put together a few maps and must-sees for you to download.

Monuments, monuments, monuments

Yes, Thessaloniki is an old city. Very old. Its historical profile, which began in the Hellenistic era, has continued to unfold uninterrupted to the present day. It's all there, ready to be explored by you!

Dowload this map to get a full overview of all the city's UNESCO certified monuments (click image)!

Enough walking? Maybe it's time you try out one of the almost 30 museums the city has to offer! Here's the map that will take you there (click image)!

Finally for all fans of architecture: A map of all of Thessaloniki's architectural monuments (German only, click image)!

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