Do you think conferences are only about theory? Better look at H2R!

Not in every case do conference have to be only theory-based and academic! Members of the NECE Focus Group “Hard-to-reach learners (H2R)” provide us with some insights into their very practice-focused workshop that took place in direct preparation to this years' NECE conference:

In the workshop H2R, tools as well as a lot of good examples of interactive approaches were presented, discussed and shared. “Didactics is a living subject”, as one of the participants described it. We wanted to challenge some of these best practices by perspectives and experiences of our group members. As educators it is very easy to be absolutely confident about your own tools and the way you use them, therefore it is highly important to keep alert and reflective. 

We saw some very interesting best practices addressing the hard-to-reach learners through arts, theatre and experiential learning. We think, we can empower these groups more effectively in this manner because they engage the limbic brain.

You would like to see some examples? Have a look at following projects: 



Disadvantaged Groups
Conference Day: 

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