The end is not the end - stay connected!

So this is it. Once again, another NECE conference has come to its end. Over 300 participants, 15 workshops, keynotes and panels, amounting to more than 500 meetings within just three days.

As a highlight on this last day of the conference Israeli author Lizzie Doron, who recently published her latest book "Who the fuck is Kafka" about her friendship to a palestinian journalist, gave an inspring speech. Instead of  'othering', as it had been the focus of many of this year's discussions, she urged participants to work hard to inspire processes of 'gathering'. 

Was this worth leaving your office?

"So: Was this conference worth leaving your office?" the moderator asked the audience in the final farewell. Christoph Müller-Hofstede of the German Federal Agency for Civic Education would certainly say so: "NECE is not a luxury. It's necessary, especially in this world of dramatic change that we are in". Indeed this year, as in the last years and hopefully next year again, NECE has been a melting pot of ideas, a good melange between theoretical input and a space for networking, where you can develop practical ideas.

Stay connected!

But the end of the NECE conference sure is not the end of networking! The topic of „Othering” that our conference evolved around does not lose importance once you get home. That is why the Federal Agency for Civic Education /bpb developed an online collection of papers, projects and presentations to help you stay connected. For all of you who work in project, plan a project or wrote a paper relating the issue of „Othering“ - try out using this tool that supports you networking with the other participants. Browse through submissions of other NECE members and submit your own project or paper.  Try it out!

We hope you all enjoyed good conversations, interesting debates, meeting wonderful and inspringing people, good food and some good entertainment. 

See you next year!

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