It's US who are hard to reach!

As part of the NECE Focus-Group "Hard-to-reach learners", Michalis Kakos from Leeds Beckett University discussed in his workshop theoretical reflections of othering and the identity construction of young Europeans. Democracy needs inclusion and inclusion needs a Citizenship Education that reaches all citizens, he claims in our interview.


"Ukraine is a blind spot on the European map"

In the current conflict between Ukraine and Russia, Citizenship Education can help to maintain communication between the citizens of both countries. But at the end it's a political conflict, that was provoked by a political decision made in Moscow, says Tatiana Zhurzhenko from the Institute for Human Sciences in Vienna. Reconciliation is a project of the future, not foremost of the present, she says.

In contrast, Prof. José Casanova claimed in an interview with us: "Reconciliation already begins during conflict".

Fall in love with the European Republic!

The European project we used to know is dead. So let's built a new one: A European Republic of European citizens! Ulrike Guérot presents this idea and explains how we can fall in love with Europe and what effect Citizenship Education can have.

Confusion / Diffusion: A cultural performance

Don't forget: Besides all the food for thought, there will be some cultural input tonight. At 8pm the Greek composer and musician Floros Floridis will give an audio-visual performance in co-operation with filmdirector Jeanine Meerapfel at the Olympion Theatre.

Download the flyer here.

Here is how you get there:

Do you think conferences are only about theory? Better look at H2R!

Not in every case do conference have to be only theory-based and academic! Members of the NECE Focus Group “Hard-to-reach learners (H2R)” provide us with some insights into their very practice-focused workshop that took place in direct preparation to this years' NECE conference:

"The process of finding definitions is much more interesting than definitions themselves"

Steven Stegers from the University of Leiden about the Focus Group CLEAR and on why discussing the definition of concepts can be much more fruitful than declaring them. 

Panel 3: The ‘West’ and the 'Islamic World’

Panel 3 put the focus on four people and their individual take on the panel's topic from the perspective of their native country.

"Conflict always opens the chance for reconciliation"

One word constantly re-appears during the conference: Crisis. But there is hope for the multiple conflict zones in Europe, says José Casanova in the interview. 

Exchange between Europe and North Africa


NECE Focus Group Meetings are a valuable part of the annual conferences. The Focus Group „Exchange between Europe and North Africa“ met at the Goethe-Institut Thessaloniki to discuss in depth the topics of „othering“ and „radicalisation of youth“ as a preparation for this year’s NECE Conference.  

The blog team is happy to be able to publish some of their conclusions in the following article that was sent to us by the Focus Group members:

Let's move forward!

The NECE conference 2015 has begun! Its challenging slogan: “'Us' and ‘Them': Citizenship Education in an Interdependent World”. The opening session shows: The European crisis brings changes to society, politics, education. Citizenship Education has to adapt.


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