Focus Group

Words have power!

"We need to work on new terms that are more precise", claims Asiem El Difraoui. As part of the Focus Group "Exchange between Europe and North Africa" he encourages self-reflection, also inside the NECE network.

It's US who are hard to reach!

As part of the NECE Focus-Group "Hard-to-reach learners", Michalis Kakos from Leeds Beckett University discussed in his workshop theoretical reflections of othering and the identity construction of young Europeans. Democracy needs inclusion and inclusion needs a Citizenship Education that reaches all citizens, he claims in our interview.


Do you think conferences are only about theory? Better look at H2R!

Not in every case do conference have to be only theory-based and academic! Members of the NECE Focus Group “Hard-to-reach learners (H2R)” provide us with some insights into their very practice-focused workshop that took place in direct preparation to this years' NECE conference:

"The process of finding definitions is much more interesting than definitions themselves"

Steven Stegers from the University of Leiden about the Focus Group CLEAR and on why discussing the definition of concepts can be much more fruitful than declaring them. 

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